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It is natural to avoid uncomfortable situations:

It is more comfortable to stay put. To stop challenging ourselves. To not take any risks. But consider what might happen if…

Most people have goals in life. To lose weight. Make more money. Finish an important project. Improve a relationship. But we do not always make as much progress on our goals as we want to.

Most people also use lists in life. Checklists are familiar. A grocery list, a travel…

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When I first started running there were a lot of factors to consider before heading out the door. Is it raining? How am I feeling? Does my schedule allow time? Do I have enough energy? Is anybody else available to join? Which route should I run? How many miles should…

My journey building a profitable side business over the past 13 years.

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Have you ever built a fire for the sake of building a fire? The kind of fire you want started quickly. You grab a few twigs and maybe throw in some leaves. But then it starts to fade so you scramble and throw in more leaves. Eventually, you toss a…

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There are a lot of decisions to make every day. What to eat. What to wear. Financial decisions. How to prioritize your time. For me, I only seem to have so much “decision energy” for any given day. My will power runs out and I start to avoid decisions or…

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For as long as I can remember my family has owned two cars. One for my wife and one for me. We recently decided to get rid of my car. We are officially a one-car family. When making this decision, a lot of what-ifs tried to stop us.

What if…

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It is hard to lose weight. It is just as hard to keep the weight off. Around 8 years ago I lost 35 pounds. I have been able to maintain my weight by adhering to a few simple habits.

Walk more often. As part of my plan to stick with…

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I used to track WAY too many things every day. Tracking as in keeping a record. Writing it down and watching the trends.

I wanted to maximize each day. I assumed tracking everything was the answer. Over time, the amount of things I tracked daily became ridiculous. I tracked everything:

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I make products and sell services. My most successful product is Hours Worked. The product has been through many updates over the years. Some major updates and some minor updates. Major updates include: releasing on a new platform, adding brand new features, or rewriting the entire product. …

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Part of living with less has meant narrowing my attention further and further. To the point of obsession. Since 2013 I have had an obsession. Most people that know me would agree. I have been obsessed with apps. Obsession gets a bad rap. …

John MacAdam

Professional transportation engineer, web designer, and mobile app developer from Columbus, Ohio.

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