Daily Habits to Keep the Weight Off

John MacAdam
2 min readDec 10, 2018


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It is hard to lose weight. It is just as hard to keep the weight off. Around 8 years ago I lost 35 pounds. I have been able to maintain my weight by adhering to a few simple habits.

Walk more often. As part of my plan to stick with exercise I build in opportunities to walk. Every week day I take at least one long walk at work. Weather permitting my family tries to take a long walk every evening.

Limit the hours to eat. Embracing simple constraints can have long term impacts. I limit how late I can consume any calories. I treat it as a rule, no matter how hungry or tempted I am to eat later.

Eat out less. How much I consume is more predictable when I prepare my own food. Eating out helps your weight as much as your budget. Sometimes this is achieved by simply planning meals ahead.

Step on a scale every day. Awareness might be the single most important factor for keeping the weight off. I know when I am getting close to my “weight ceiling” because I weigh myself every morning.

Share weight publicly. I discuss my weight with those around me. My friends and family know that my weight ceiling is 185 pounds.

Drink more water. I carry a water bottle with me. And I drink a lot of water each day. I find drinking water reduces my snacking.

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