• Jeff Bailey

    Jeff Bailey

    Indy iOS app developer. One third of FourthFrame. iOS contractor at NetJets.

  • James Slape

    James Slape

  • Jeff Hunsaker

    Jeff Hunsaker

    Curious technologist interested in writing, health, personal improvement, and continuous learning.

  • Chris Laco

    Chris Laco

    Leader, Software Development @Rackspace. 330-790-1450

  • Amir Afroozeh

    Amir Afroozeh

  • Bolivar Baez Grullon

    Bolivar Baez Grullon

    I can program and destroy cookies with my mouth, at the same time.

  • Eric Raio

    Eric Raio

    🏛Student of Stoicism 📈CEO, founder of Duo Dealer 👨🏻‍💻Software Engineer 🌅Living in San Diego

  • Andy Soell

    Andy Soell

    Americký v Praze. Mluvím trochu Česky. Tak je to. https://amsoell.com

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