How I Doubled App Store Impressions

Comparing app store impressions before and after an ASO update


  • Ranking position for targeted search terms
  • App Store impressions
  • Organic app downloads

Recommended Approach

  1. Keyword research
  2. Document current state
  3. Prepare recommendations
  4. Implement recommendations
  5. Track results

The majority of these recommendations focus on increasing organic downloads. The goal is to increase the number of times your app shows up as an App Store search result. There are a few other suggestions that would also help increase downloads.

Keyword Research

  • Having a simple brainstorming session.
  • Reviewing App Store and Google Play related searches.
  • Using Apple Search Ads to review recommended keywords.
  • Researching competitor apps.
  • Using reverse dictionary tools such as OneLook.
  • Reviewing Google Ads Keyword Research.

Collect all keywords in a fresh ASO Spreadsheet Tool. You can save a copy of this Google Sheet template to follow along. Save as many keywords as possible in Column A of the ASO sheet. Column L will identify any duplicate keywords. Don’t worry about any of the other columns for now.

Document Current State

  • Current App Name
  • Current App Subtitle
  • Current app store listing keywords
  • Current app metadata (name, subtitle, etc.) for the Spanish/Mexico localization.

Save the current app information towards the top of the ASO sheet. It is worth noting that the app’s current rankings will be discovered during the next phase.

Prepare Recommendations

As you fill data into these tabs you will notice the ASO tab updating. Once finished collecting data, you need to select the targeted keywords using column I of the ASO tab. There are three basic considerations for selecting the most appropriate keywords to target:

  • Search volume: How often is this search term used in the app store?
  • Keyword difficulty: How competitive is the search term? How many existing apps rank for this search term?
  • Current ranking: How does the app currently rank for this search term?

It is worth noting that the selected keywords should have some relevance to the app. Ranking well for a completely unrelated keyword will not attract interested users. Once the targeted keywords have been selected, the recommend updates are prepared:

Updated App Name: A few word description of the app, based on targeted keywords, such as App Name: Keyword Keyword. The idea is to maximize the allowable length of the app title. This will increase search ranking for targeted keywords.

Updated App Subtitle: Include a relevant subtitle with targeted keywords.

Updated Keywords: Prepare a comma separated list of updated keywords.

App metadata for Mexico/Spanish Localization: All metadata is indexed twice in the App Store. Once for the US/English localization and once for the Mexico/Spanish localization. You can double the targeted keywords by using the Mexico/Spanish metadata.

App Description: Updates to the app store description should incorporate targeted keywords as well.

These recommendations will improve your number of organic impressions. There are other recommended changes to increase the conversation rate of impressions to downloads:

  • Increase app reviews
  • Improved app screenshots
  • A paid ad campaign
  • Creating an app preview video

Implement Recommendations

Track Results

  • App Store impressions
  • Product page views
  • App units sold/downloaded
  • App proceeds (if you have a paid app)

Make sure to document the same metrics for at least a month before the changes. Then, you can do a comparison before and after. I am almost certain you will see improved results.


A few websites are used to collect data as during this project:

Tools from Apple and Google to track analytics before and after implementation:

Other references:

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