Using Daily Tasks to Accomplish More

  • Each evening, spend a few minutes planning your most important tasks (MITs) for the next day.
  • Ensure at least one of the MITs is the next, immediate, action you can take on your biggest goal.
  • Accomplish the top MIT as early as possible the following day, preferably in the morning.
  • Make sure the top MIT is offense focused. Something you plan to make progress on your top goal. Not something set by somebody else.
  • Finish at least one MIT before you check your email. Your MIT list is set by your goals. Email represents other people's goals.
  • Do not plan your MITs too far ahead. It also helps to make sure the MITs are easily accomplished within one day.
  • Keep the technology as simple as possible. You should not be fussing with complicated task lists. I use the Notes app on my iPhone, which syncs to my Mac.
  • Do not add too many MITs. I usually have five or fewer.
  • Has something been nagging you? “I have been meaning to finish….”
  • Do you have any recent regrets? “I haven’t been spending enough time with….”
  • Is there something you are afraid of? “What if this project doesn’t work out….”
  • What are my current goals and focus areas? Health? Family? Business? Writing? Etc.

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John MacAdam

John MacAdam


Professional Transportation Engineer and IT Consultant from Columbus, Ohio. Helping companies deliver and understand technology.